Redbones Barbecue

Authentic Downhome-Style Southern BBQ

Owner's Message

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  • Best Barbecue in Boston
  • Phoenix Best of 2012 Award for Barbecue.
  • Takeout 857-254-8894
When Redbones Barbecue opened in 1987, a BBQ restaurant of its authenticity was virtually unheard of north of the Mason Dixon Line. Years later, with BBQ joints popping up everywhere, Redbones still stands out because of the fun, the food, and the wide range of services. Customers and staffers alike share the spirit of Redbones, where community rather than commercialism is the order of the day. The Fun - In the dining room, there is a constant flow of customers, waitstaff, music and food. Nostalgic photographs of BBQ days gone by, autographed photos of rhythm and blues greats, and artistic, homemade menus and signs adorn the walls of the unpretentious main room. For the curious, there are counter seats up front, where people can observe first hand the action of the open kitchen and chat with the pitmaster and crew. Call us today for a takeout order at 857-254-8894 or stop in and see us.

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