Teriyaki House

High-quality Japanese and Chinese signature dishes. (857) 250-0435

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  • Traditional Tappanyaki cooking
  • Online ordering
  • Fresh Sushi, Bubble Tea
TERIYAKI HOUSE is committed to serve fresh, high-quality Japanese and Chinese signature dishes, which have excellent service and good-value. We feature contemporary exhibition kitchen that you can see the traditional Japanese Tappanyaki cooking and also the oriental ranges with high flame jet burners for wok-cooked dishes to quickly seal in natural flavors and juices without being greasy. Sushi is the most popular Japanese cuisine for the American taste. Our sushi chief prepares all the items fresh right in front of you. For the health conscious, Sushi is full of Protein, low in Fat and Calories. Bubble Tea is a delicious, healthy beverage made with either green or black tea leaves. In addition, the fun part of this drink is TAPIOCA PEARLS to sip and slurp up these chewy, gummy pearls along with the warm or cold tea from special jumbo-sized straw. (857) 250-0435

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